As our world is changing moment by moment, we are still here and ready to serve! In compliance with the Iowa DOT, we’re now offering online classes with the same modern, relevant, and up-to-date information! Our 10-day class has been produced to an online format available for you or your student to work on right now. You can sign up, pay for the course, and begin the online class right now. We will start driving with your student as soon as we can. In the meantime, online class is here, so get started today! We love all of our Open Road students, and we can’t wait to see you in the car soon!

Driver's ED. News & Updates

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About Open Road

Innovative, relevant, fun, and safe. These are a few words that define who we are at Open Road. We believe where you send your teen to learn how to drive is one of the most important decisions one can make. Our goal is to provide students with the most relevant information both in the classroom and behind the wheel so good driving skills and habits are learned, developed and mastered throughout their driving experience.

At Open Road, we combine the latest vehicle technology with the most comprehensive classroom instruction to prepare students to drive safe for a lifetime. We are passionate and driven to ensure every student from every background learns how to drive safe, make good life choices, and has fun in the process!

Class Locations

Cedar Rapids

Comfort Inn Hotel
710 America Dr SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
• North Liberty
• Mt. Vernon
• Marion
• Amana Colonies

Iowa City

200 6th St., Coralville, IA 52241
(SureStay by Best Western)
• North Liberty
• Coralville/Solon
• Cedar Rapids
• West Branch


1780 Stonegate Center Dr. Burlington, IA
(Comfort Suites)
• Wapello
• Danville
• Mediapolis
• Ft. Madison


Best Western
2200 W. Burlington Ave. Fairfield, IA 52556
• Mt. Pleasant
• Ottumwa
• Packwood
• Eldon


Washington High School
1111 B Ave., Washington, IA
• Columbus Junction
• Wellman/Kalona
• Ainsworth
• Keota

West Branch

West Branch High School
900 W. Main St., West Branch, IA
• West Liberty
• Solon
• Spencer
• Highland


Mid-Prairie High School
1634 IA-22, Wellman, IA
• Kalona
• Wellman
• Riverside
• English Valley


Pekin High School
1062 Birch Ave., Packwood, IA
• Ottumwa
• Richland
• Hendrick
• Fairfield


Sigourney High School
907 Pleasant Valley, Sigourney, IA
• Delta
• Keota
• Keswick


Tri-County High School
3003-IA, Thornburg, IA
• Victor
• North English
• Sigourney

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go and what do I bring the 1st class day of Driver's Ed?

Click on the “Classes & Locations” tab on the home page to find corresponding class times and addresses. On the 1st day of class students need to bring permit, payment, notebook, folder, pen and pencil. All students must be at least 14 years old and have acquired a learner’s permit from the Iowa Department of Transportation.  It’s also helpful if students bring a list of possible conflicts and open drive times.  We will do our best to accommodate schedules, however we ask parents assist us in being flexible as we have numerous students/parents preferring the same drive times either before or immediately after class.

How does the drive schedule work?

Students need to KNOW their sports (games & practice), work, academic, and personal obligations/schedule. All six required drive times are scheduled the 1st class of each course. If a student has conflicts he/she must coordinate with fellow classmates and communicate with the instructor about any schedule changes. As instructors we are happy to assist, but students who are aware of their activities and commitments help reduce conflicts and keep the driving schedule smooth and efficient.

How long must I have my permit before taking your class?

Students are encouraged acquire a learner’s permit on their 14th birthday.  As long as a student has attained a learner’s permit, they are eligible to take driver’s ed.  We require students have their permit by the 1st day of class. The state of Iowa requires that you hold an instructional permit for at least 6 months prior to upgrading to a school license or 12 months before receiving an intermediate license if you are 16.

What are "Out of District" fees & if I am home schooled, do I have to go through a particular school district in order to take your class?

We welcome out of district students to any of our classes, and work very hard to give special drive time preference to parents/students who travel a distance to come to class. The fee is to greater accommodate these needs and justify why these students receive this preferential treatment. Please contact Jenny Turner 319-930-2886 with questions. All home school and out of district students can open enroll in any class taught by Open Road.

When will I receive my certificate?

If the student has paid in full, passed the tests, driving, and attitude component of driver’s ed. he/she will receive completion certificate on the last day of class. Take this certificate with you along with a parent or guardian to the DMV when you upgrade to a school license or intermediate license.

What if I lose my completion certificate?

The completion certificate is an Iowa state certified document. To initiate the process to acquire another certificate please email the following information: student’s first, middle, and last name, address, month and year of completion. Send a check in the amount of $25 payable to Open Road and mail to 2418 Paradise Ct., Kalona, IA 52247. After verification of successful course completion, we will issue another certificate.vMost requests can be processed in about 3-5 business. However, during our busy season processing may take longer.

What if I have completed driver’s ed out of state?

If a student completed a course in another state, a public or licensed or private provider of the Iowa-approved course may issue the form for the student if the provider determines that the out-of-state course is comparable to the Iowa-approved course.  If the out-of-state course is comparable but lacks certain components of the Iowa-approved course, the provider may issue the form after the student completed the missing componens.

The non-Iowa school must meet the Iowa criteria of:

30 hours of classroom instruction

6 hours behind-the-wheel

4 hours of instruction concerning substance abuse

20 minutes of instruction concerning railroad crossing safety instruction relating to becoming an organ donor.


You must provide Open Road with the following information:

  •  The name of the school and state where the driver education class was held
  •  The grade for the class
  •  Number of hours of classroom instruction
  •  Number of hours behind-the-wheel
  •  Copy of the course outline

There is a $100 fee to evaluate the out of state school program and the student must drive with a certified instructor before a completion certificate will be issued.  

Adult Driver Training

Thank you for contacting Advanced Driver Training (319-400-7570). We will meet you anywhere, teach you safe driving principles, and take you to the DMV drive test. Our job is not complete until you get your driver’s license.


  • Drivers will use a late model midsize car. (2016 Chevy Cruise or 2010 Toyota Prius)
  • Door to door service. We will work within your schedule and we can pick you up at your home, office, classroom or apartment. We can also drop you off a location of your choice.
  • NO PRIOR DRIVING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. It’s ok if you’ve NEVER been behind the wheel of a car.
  • Cost: $45 per hour with a minimum 2-hour lesson. ($90 total)
  • Text or call 319-400-7570. We may miss your call, but will ALWAYS respond to a text message.


  • Overcome any fear of operating a motor vehicle.
  • Build driver skill and confidence.
  • Become a safe and competent driver in all traffic situations.
  • Get your driver’s license – freedom!

Can I use your car to take the drive test?

Yes. The charge will be the same as a 2-hour lesson ($90.00) We will take you to the drive test and show you everything that will be expected of you in order to pass the drive test. Then you can use our car to take the drive test.

Am I required to pass the knowledge test before the first driving less?


Why a “2-hour” lesson?

It takes about 45 minutes to get comfortable behind the wheel.  The second hour is good productive learning.  It also allows us to get various areas of the city that present more challenging driving situations.

How many hours will be required?

This varies, because everyone learns differently.  On average, 6-8 hours prepares drivers for the drive test.

What do I need to bring to the drive test? If you’re from another country, you will need the following:

1. 1-20 or INS documents
2. Passport or birth certificate
3. Your permit
4. 2 proofs of residency (anything with your name and address) are required before taking the knowledge test, but will not be required before the drive test.

Questions? Contact Us!